Where Can I Find Wagner Procoat Airless Paint Sprayer Deals?

wagner procoatStill using a roller or a brush for painting? Why? Painting professionals estimate that a paint sprayer applies a coat of paint four times faster than a roller and ten times quicker than a paintbrush.

Whether you want to paint the walls in your lounge or the outside of your home, a paint sprayer gets the job done quickly and easily. It’s a no-brainer to use a sprayer. But the real question is which sprayer to buy?

Wagner Procoat Features

The Wagner Procoat airless paint sprayer is one that is worth looking at closely. Airless paint sprayers are recognized for their ability to cover large areas in record-breaking times while maintaining a top-class finish.

The Procoat features a 2800 PSI electric piston pump with a variable pressure control. It’s designed to let you match the results of professional sprayers at a fraction of the cost.

Also included are a 25 feet long air hose that gives you a better reach without having to move the machine and the hose can be increased in length up to 100 feet. And there’s also a 120V 373W electric pump motor and reversible 515 airless spray tip that can munch through a gallon of paint in just five minutes.

Added to that is the easy-revolve handle, commercial-grade metal spray gun, and the fact that thick latex paint can be used without the need for thinning.

A word of advice though: If you are going to be using exterior latex paints, it might be better for you to get hold of 519-sized tip instead of the supplied one since those kinds of paints are much coarser and thicker. This kind of spray tip is more suited to those paints.

Works Well For Any Domestic Painting Job

Set up of the paint sprayer is fairly straightforward. It will probably take you less than five minutes. Just attach the spray hose, the pick-up tube, and then plug it in to your electrical supply.

The specification of this sprayer makes it ideal for occasional medium-to-big domestic painting projects without you needing to invest in an expensive professional-level paint sprayer. It also fits the bill for any common household jobs needing interior paints, oil base enamels, sealers and stains.

The base included with the spray is fairly sturdy so you could set it up on a balcony or roof area and, combined with the long hose, paint those awkward hard-to-reach outdoor parts of your home.

Being fairly lightweight, it’s possible to carry this sprayer up a ladder, easily move it from place to place in the trunk of your car, so it’s probably a perfect fit for a Do-It-Yourself homeowner, general handyman or a contractor who needs to do touch-ups and small jobs.

Is It Suited To Commercial Spraying?

One of the clever features of the Wagner Procoat is the adjustable controls for pressure on the front of the machine. It’s a fact that different coatings, atmospheric conditions and sizes of tip are going to need varying levels of pressure to handle heavy build-ups, runs and reduce overspray. So the easy access to the pressure controls is a bonus.

Another advantage is that cleaning-up is simple. Flushing the Procoat with a garden hose should leave it fresh and clean in less than ten minutes.

One thing to be aware of, however, is that the Wagner Procoat is not intended to replace a professional-level sprayer. If you are going to be painting your house every day for several weeks, it’s no problem. But if you are a painting contractor looking to work on projects all day, every day, then you should be careful about using this machine.

What Do The Warranty Terms State?wagner procoat pic

Even the warranty terms state that the warranty will be voided if the machine is used for commercial spraying. So, in a nutshell, homeowners are covered by the guarantee, painting professionals at work are not.

Having said that, as we implied above, many contractors do use these machines here and there because they are so easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to clean.

The Wagner company itself is known as a trusted name in the painting industry and is known for its high quality levels. The company also produces professional-level products so the expertise and design of the Procoat reflects that pro-level experience in its own design.

Where To Buy The Wagner Procoat?

You may well find the Wagner Procoat airless paint sprayer for sale in stores such as Lowes, Walmart, Home Depot. You might even be able to pick up a used Wagner Procoat online on Ebay.

Generally speaking, you are doing to get the best Wagner Procoat airless paint sprayer deals if you are buying online. And that’s because you can see at a glance which shops have the best prices without having to drive around from one DIY store to another while still wondering if you’ve missed a better deal elsewhere.

You should easily be able to pick up a Procoat for less than $200 if you spend some time browsing around online. Or, to save even more time, just click the link below and it will send you to one of the best deals we have currently found.

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