Spray Painting Furniture: All You Need To Know


Photo by Wicker Paradise

We all look forward to these warm summer evenings when we can start inviting our friends and family over to enjoy a nice meal or have a barbecue outdoors.

To be able to hold these events, it is important to keep your outdoor area and furniture in good tiptop condition. Unfortunately, with the busy lives we lead these days, taking care of outdoor furniture can fall down our list of priorities.

However, if you have the right equipment and are prepared to spend some time and effort, it really only requires a few simple upgrades here and there and a fresh coat of paint to give your outdoor furniture a makeover and start hosting outdoor parties proudly.

In this article, we will discuss maintenance that is required to outdoor furniture and we will also give you an idea how easy it is to get a fresh look by spray painting furniture that is either on your patio or in other outside spaces.

Have you ever thought about how much money you have spent on outdoor furniture such as tables, chairs, seating areas and extra benches in your carefully created outdoor space? Whether that piece of furniture is to be able to sit in the shade or is to be able to admire a nice view, they should all be maintained and given a fresh look from time to time.

You would never leave the inside of your house without cleaning it or performing minor upgrades for months on end, would you? Then your outdoor furniture should be given just as much attention.


At the very least, you should clean your outdoor furniture on a regular basis. Most furniture comes with instructions for how to care for it which is where you find directions for how to clean it. All you often need to do is dust the furniture or quickly vacuum clean it.


If you have metal furniture, you will notice that, with time, there will be general wear and tear and the bolts, screws and other fixings will loosen. You need to tighten them on a regular basis and also change them if required.

Lubrication of bolts, screws and other fixings is also important to keep them in good condition by using appropriate greases and oils.

In the case of wooden furniture, it usually requires an annual treatment. You can search online for the best treatment required for the type of wood your furniture is made of. It will usually be varnishing, staining or painting.


With peoples’ varying tastes and budgets, there are various types of outdoor furniture on sale, ones made of wood, glass or wicker. There are also different styles for example some are really elegantly designed and some can be pretty casual.

It does not matter what style of furniture you have if you are planning to give it a fresh look using a paint sprayer for furniture.

Paint sprayers and spray paints for furniture are available for all budgets. If you are only planning to do minor upgrades in your home, you do not need to get the best paint sprayer for furniture. You just need to get a moderate quality paint sprayer which should cost you between $100 to $300.

Before you undertake any paint spraying job, you need to spend an appropriate amount of time preparing for the job. If it is made of wood or metal, then sanding beforehand will ensure that you have a smooth, even surface to work with.

It is also a good idea to use stains and similar treatments because these protect the furniture against the effects of the weather.

Glass Furniture

You can use any paint sprayer and the appropriate furniture spray paint for painting glass top patio tables. You just need to remove the glass top from the table and place it on a large cloth that is lying on your floor or grass.

This will protect any additional surfaces from accidentally being painted. You might have to apply a second layer of paint depending on the type of spray paint you are using, especially if you wanted it to be resistant to weather conditions.

Other Furniture

You can also use a paint sprayer to paint wicker chairs, sofas and benches. You need to remember to remove all cushions and use a large cloth to protect other surfaces as described in the above section.

Another important tip is the fact that you need to make sure that the first layer of paint is completely dry before adding a second layer of paint. Outdoor furniture is perfect for paint spraying because it tends to have areas that are hard to reach but paint sprayers make these areas reachable.

Once you have tried to give your outdoor furniture a fresh coat of paint using paint spraying equipment, the finish will be so astonishing and the process will be so quick that you will never go back to traditional brushes and rollers.



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