Spray-Painting Your Car: Safely Achieve An Eye-Catching Finish

hand-with-spray-paint-gunAre you a novice when it comes to spray painting, especially when it comes to spray painting your car? In this article we will discuss some safety tips to avoid any hazards when using an auto paint gun. We will also teach you some of the secrets to make spray painting your car very easy and quick.

Most of the time, when we are planning to undertake this type of project, we tend to just assess the possible hazards at a very high level but this is what leads to accidents because these accidents are usually hazards that we have overlooked. Therefore, it is always a good idea to assess all the possible “what-if” hazards when doing a safety assessment, especially when using products and equipment in a project. Now, let us take a look at the key safety measures to consider before using an auto paint sprayer.

In the first instance, it is paramount to consider safety from a personal perspective, keeping in mind that the project will involve you using products such as primers, paints and finishes. A good starting point is to read the product label which will have the safety instructions written on it. These safety instructions will need to be followed to the letter because these types of products can be harmful when breathed in, when handled without gloves, or can catch fire easily.

Important Safety Equipment

So, one of the most important pieces of safety equipment that you need to get is a facemask. There are a variety of facemasks available, however, in this case, one that protects you from dust when you are sanding rust spots for example, and one that protects you from fumes are the two key ones. You might be able to get away without using a facemask that protects from fumes if you’re working in a well ventilated area. Especially since those facemasks are readily available there is just no point in taking any risks.

Man holding paint sprayerAnother key safety equipment to have are a pair of goggles. This can save your eyesight when undertaking this kind of project because you never know when a bit of rust or splash of a chemical product can be a risk to your eyes. Most people might think goggles are a nuisance, however you will never forgive yourself if an accident happened.

Protect Your Hands

Gloves are the next key piece of safety equipment to purchase because you will be handling caustic products including paint strippers. You’re killing two birds with one stone with gloves because not only will you not have to clean your hands to remove paint after the project, but you are also protecting your hands from the caustic product.

Last but not least, you need to give some consideration to your surroundings. Make sure there are no distractions around you such as your kids and pets. You also need to ensure that the working area is clutter free because if it’s not, this could be a safety hazard.

Now that we have talked about some of the key safety tips surrounding a painting project, we will cover some valuable tips and techniques of spray painting a car.

If you’re thinking of using an automotive paint sprayer to paint your car, then you better make sure you’re serious about it, in the sense that this is a job that once you have started you will have to complete, otherwise you will be driving around an embarrassing looking car.

Plan Ahead

First of all, you will need to make sure that you have carefully planned out your timetable and have most of the supplies you require. These will be things like goggles, sandpaper, masking tape, wax/grease remover, dust mask, tape, paints for covering, primer paint, car wash and detergent, car paint spray gun, and putty with knife.

Other things to consider include making sure you have enough primer and paint depending on the size of your car, have both textures of sandpaper at hand, fine and thick grit, and make sure you’re wearing the appropriate outfit so that your skin is not exposed.

Lastly, you need to make sure you have a big enough space with enough ventilation to work in because you will need enough space to move around your car.

Prepare Your Car Thoroughly

As preparation, before using the car paint sprayer, you will need to thoroughly clean the car beforehand. The first step of the cleaning involves making sure there is no dust or residue on the surface which might prevent the paint from sticking properly to the car. Give your car a good wash to achieve this. The next step involves making sure there is no surface wax or grease on the car by using the wax /grease remover.

As the last preparation for paint spraying the surface of your car, you will need to fill in any pit marks or scratches, caused by stones and other things of the like by using some putty, otherwise you will not get a good paint finish as there will be some uneven areas on the surface. Once this process is completed, using sandpaper, sand the surface and wipe all the dust from sanding, to get a completely smooth working surface.Man using paint spraying device

The car needs to be completely dry before you apply any paint to it and this can take a few hours. So in that time make sure the car does not get dirty again. Once the car is dry, you will need to apply masking tape on the areas that you don’t want to paint. The car is now ready to be primed. Once the primer is applied, sand off the car a second time and clean the dust from the sanding thoroughly.

Apply & Dry

Now that all the prep work has been done, the car is ready to be painted with the car spray gun. First off, apply the base coat of the new color.

This then needs to dry off for about a quarter of an hour before applying the second coat which needs to dry off for about an hour and a half. Applying two coats is enough at this stage. Once the base coat is dry, apply the clear coat and leave it to dry for a quarter of an hour before applying another coat. In order to get a smooth and even finish, you will need about three coats of the clear paint.

After reading this article, you should now have a good idea of the key safety precautions and the basic techniques for spray painting a car.

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