Is A Paint Sprayer Any Good? What About A Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer?

Spray Painting WorkerIf you’ve reached this page, you are undoubtedly looking for information about paint sprayers. Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this article we are going to look at the value and uses of paint sprayers in general. And then we’re going to look at one specific paint sprayer called Paint Zoom.

By the time you have finished reading this document, you should have a good understanding of what paint sprayers can do.

So let’s get started and look at what paint sprayers are all about. 

Weekend DIY

Very often after a hard week at work, you may be tempted to engage in a little bit of Do-It-Yourself at the weekend and at the top of that list of many people’s DIY projects are ones that involve painting. During the months when the weather is good, this might involve painting outdoors. During other times, it may well mean painting an item of furniture or even painting a room. 

Despite the popularity of painting, the idea of getting paintbrushes and rollers out and ready to use is not something that many people are enthusiastic about. But over recent times, paint sprayers have become a valuable and popular part of every DIY weekend person’s arsenal of tools. They have made projects involving painting not only easier but actually even enjoyable. Commercial paint sprayers have been around a long time and they cost a lot of money but you can now find models aimed at the home market that are within the hundred dollar range. Even a relatively cheap paint sprayer will give you far better results than with your usual manual method of painting. 

Advantages Over Brushes And Rollers

Paint sprayers offer various advantages over brushes and rollers. One of the biggest benefits is how they can evenly distribute paint over irregular surfaces like brick and over tricky objects like window shutters. Even items like wicker or cane furniture are fast and easy to do with a sprayer. A sprayer can even be used to just give a gentle lift to walls and ceilings of a room. Using paintbrushes and rollers, such tasks may well take a day or more but with a paint sprayer, it is not only done hugely quicker but you will get professional-looking results with less paint wastage.

If you are a newcomer to paint spraying the first thing you should do is carefully study the user guide or any videos that come with the machine. Contact the manufacturer of the product immediately if you did not receive instructions of this kind. If you want to get great results, you need to know what you are doing. If you just cannot find good information on how to use your paint sprayer, I advise you to simply return it and buy another one that actually does come with reliable and useful knowledge of how to use it. In addition, if you know someone who has already used paint sprayers before, it would be a great idea to ask them to give you some advice. Another tip: Often, when getting started it would be useful to try out the machine on scrap items so that you can practice using it without risking damage to your precious items. 

Preparing The Sprayer For Use

One of the things that trips people up when using a paint sprayer for the first time, is that, unlike using brushes or rollers where you simply use paint straight out of the can, paint sprayers usually require you to thin the paint to an appropriate level before using it. If you omit the thinning step, you will likely find that you have lumps of paint all over the surface you are spraying. The information that comes with the sprayer should tell you how to do this thinning for various different kinds of paints. You should find that oil-based paints and latex will require thinning but others, such as polyurethane and stains, can be used straight out of the can as usual. If you do find you need to thin the paint, a great tip is to make enough thinned paint for the entire project at once. This will save you a lot of time later.

After you have prepared the paint, there are still a few steps that you will need to do before you can switch on your paint sprayer. The first thing is to ensure that what you are going to paint is clean and dust-free. If you are going to paint the wall of a room, it would be a good idea to use a damp sponge or a cloth in order to wipe the wall down before you paint it. While this may seem like an extra step that is a waste of time, you will find that the end result will be well worth the small time investment because it will end up looking so professional.

How Does Paint Zoom Measure Up?

We’ve now looked at paint sprayers in general. Now let’s take a look at one in particular. The paint sprayer we going to look at is called Paint Zoom. It has become quite clear over recent times that Paint Zoom has generated a lot of interest since it was available for home DIY-ers. While many dismissed it initially as nothing more than another DIY gimmick, others wondered if it could actually bring them to the level of a professional painter. And indeed, there are professional painters who use Paint Zoom.


If you take a look around the Internet at the various Paint Zoom Reviews that are available, you will find most people do actually say that the paint sprayer has help them cut back on the time and effort they needed in order to paint something. And you will also find many people saying that this domestic paint sprayer is actually easier to use than its equivalent professional versions and that it does provide great-looking results. 

Some have pointed out that Paint Zoom, because it requires thinned paint, is not as easy to use as an airless sprayer. Also some have said that if you over-dilute the paint, you will end up using much more paint than you may actually need to finish the job because you will have to do extra coats. On the other hand, if you go to the other extreme and under-dilute, you may find that you get an uneven finish. You need to find a happy balance between the two.

Easy To Clean

Despite this, many people have said that the major benefit is that they can decide for themselves just how much paint they want to use. Others have said that they are impressed by how simple a Paint Zoom paint sprayer is to clean. This is because you only have to clean the nozzle and the paint container before you stop painting for the day.

It seems that people find that these benefits outweigh any issues involved with dealing with paint thinning. Opinions suggest that it is better to use a quick and easy paint sprayer than to keep putting off your painting projects because you find them messy and time-consuming.

We’ve now looked at paint spraying in general and, more specifically at the Paint Zoom paint sprayer. I hope this article has been useful to you in gaining knowledge about paint spraying. If you are interested in Paint Zoom itself, you can find out more about it and even order it at the following link:

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