Paint Zoom – Does It Make Your Life Easier?

Man holding paint sprayer

Paint Zoom is a tiny lightweight air compressor that is claimed to make your painting life easy fun and enjoyable. The entire unit only weighs as much as few bags of sugar and you will find that it has a wide shoulder strap so you can hang it comfortably upon you as you use it.

Because it is so light, people have found it extremely easy to use. You only need to fill up the sprayer with the actual paint you are about to use. And it has a container attached to the main unit to hold this paint with you as you walk around the room.

One of the main reasons people seem to like Paint Zoom is because they can have almost any kind of coating in it. The coatings can be water-based, enamel colours, varnish protective stains for metal and wood products, even bleaches and other liquid products. If you wanted, you could even apply cleaning liquids using Paint Zoom to different surfaces. One thing you want to avoid though coatings that are nitro based because these can actually damage the device.

When it comes round to actually using the device, reviewers on the internet have seem to think that it is extremely simple. They say that all you really have to do is just fill the container that is attached to the Paint Zoom device, attach it to the sprayer, and then hang the whole unit on your shoulder. You can connect it to the nearest mains outlet. When you pull the trigger on the device, the paint comes out in an even spray effortlessly.

Professional Finish

Because the spray is so fine, people have found that it gives a truly professional finish with minimum effort.

There are three main ways you could spray, a circular motion, a horizontal motion, or a vertical motion.

The vertical motion is best suited when you encounter large horizontal areas such as walls. The horizontal motion gives excellent results on frames and columns. And when you come round to those hard to reach places that cause so much trouble for ordinary paintbrushes and devices, you will find that the circular motion deals with these in an easy way.

Once you start to use the Paint Zoom device, the genuine Paint Zoom reviews say you will find that you can paint, for example a living room, in less than an hour. They say that if you were to use ordinary paintbrushes, you would probably have to spend the whole day doing the same job. And you would still find that the finish wouldn’t be as good as with Paint Zoom. The manufacturer says that you will only need about 10 minutes for every 15 meters squared of wall area that you need to cover with paint.

Amazingly Fast

Yes, of course, you can always hire a professional decorator and get equally good results. But that is going to cost you money and most of us don’t have enough of it! The additional beauty of Paint Zoom according to reviewers seems to be the fact that it is amazingly fast. And you won’t have to spend hours cleaning up the mess afterwards because the fine Paint Zoom spray does not drip or stain on to your floor.

Most users seem to think that although applying the covering of paint is very simple, you will also find that it is a precision tool and can be tightly directed into whatever direction you wish to go. In short, it can be used on just about every surface in your house, any time you want. You will find it to be a tool that you will use again and again.

The other feature people seem to like is the fact that all you need to do to clean Paint Zoom is just wash it out with water and it will then be ready to use again whenever you want.

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