What Are The Most Common Paint Zoom Complaints?

Paint ZoomI’m assuming you’ve come to this page because you’re looking to find out what are the most common Paint Zoom paint sprayer complaints or even if there are any problems, right? You might even be wondering does Paint Zoom work?

Or even worse, you might be thinking if you are going to find yourself ending up as the victim of a scam? If that’s the case then you can thank your lucky stars that you found this page because the information you’ll find here will answer your questions.

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Below, we’ve listed the main complaints we’ve found about this paint sprayer, comments from existing users of Paint Zoom, and our research about whether we think the complaints are justified. We hope you find the information useful.

Complaints Caused By Misunderstanding

The Paint Zoom infomercial you might have seen can give you the impression that it is a paint spraying machine that will instantly paint your entire home for you…almost by itself!

Let’s be realistic here, it’s not going to do that for you. Unless you hire a professional decorator, you are going to have to put in¬†some¬†effort yourself. When I searched around the internet for a genuine Paint Zoom review¬†though, that was the most common complaint I came across regarding Paint Zoom.

Because of the hyped-up advertising around the paint sprayer and the many fake reviews out there, people can sometimes expect painting to be easier than it is. Before painting any area of your house, you are going to have to put in some time and effort in preparing the area you are going to paint.

You are going to have to cover up furniture, light switches, skirting boards or indeed any part of the room you don’t want covered in paint.

If you are using Paint Zoom this preparation is even more important because the paint sprayer machine is so quick and powerful that you can end up accidentally spray painting your sofa in seconds if you are not careful.

it is like any spray system you must spend time masking out all the areas which you don’t want to paint, e.g glass on windows, carpets, wooden and or tiled floors, all sprayers will leave a mist or “over spray” so the only way to get nice clear sharp edges is to use¬†masking tape¬†and lots of paper.

If you’re going to spray the outside of your house with a sprayer then don’t forget to cover parked cars on the drive with a few sheets as wind will carry¬†paint particles¬†and you will end up paying to get someones car valeted when they notice little speckles in the bodywork!

Norris Green, Yahoo Answers

Many people who have complaints about the device¬†don’t recognize this simple fact about preparation. Paint Zoom is claimed to¬†make your painting quicker and easier but you still need to prepare the area to paint.

But guess what? Even if you were painting with a roller or brush, you would still have to do the same preparation if you were doing it properly. So it doesn’t seem that there are major problems with Paint Zoom, it’s just that there are always going to be problems with painting.

Paint Problems?

The other major cause of paint zoom customer complaints that I found was regarding the size of the paint canister that the paint spraying machine holds. Some people felt it was too small to hold enough paint. But I also found people who had a simple solution to this issue:

yes the smaller canister is not the best, however…I was able to add a feed tube to a larger can and viola! no more refills.

Steve, gardenweb.com

A large number of the Paint Zoom negative reviews from Amazon seemed to be down to the fact that people could not use the sprayer with paint straight out of the can. And they spent some time trying to dilute the paint to the right consistency for spray.

The only thing you have to get used to with this product is the amount water you have to mix with the paint. Paint was too thick to spray. Added water, too thin. A little bit of trail and error to get it just right.

Rico, Amazon.com

Most people who are reasonably experienced with DIY know that in order for a paint sprayer to be able to spray paint using air and a motor, it has to be fairly runny in consistency. But even if someone did not know about this fact before buying the Paint Zoom paint sprayer, it does not take long to thin out the paint if you follow the instructions manual and using the viscosity cup provided to get the paint to the correct consistency.

Essentially, if the paint takes more than 55 seconds to go through the cup, then the paint is too thick. Another key thing to bear in mind is to add water to thin out water-based paint and paint thinner to thin out oil-based paint.

After looking at some more Paint Zoom review complaints, it seems that some people were finding that the spray nozzle got clogged up easily and they had to keep cleaning it.

…unfortunately the nozzle clogs so easily that the time you are saving with the sprayer, you are spending on clearing the clog…

M. Miceli “Friday night gamer”, Rico, Amazon.com

This is related to the above complaint in the sense that the clogging up of the nozzle happens because the paint used in the sprayer is too thick in consistency because it has not been thinned out according to the instruction manual and use the viscosity cup provided.

Too Noisy?

Other common Paint Zoom consumer complaints include the claims that it is very noisy and heats up after using it for some time.

The little machine is very loud…

Jessica, ripoffreport.com

This person said something similar…

The unit and the hose heated up very quickly…

Elke H., Amazon.com

When I read the above complaints, I’m sorry to say but it just felt like these people were just trying to find something to complain about.

You have to remember that with any product, the people who have something negative to say, even if there’s only a few of them, will always get the most attention because the satisfied customers are…err…satisfied ūüôā …and so they usually just keep silent and get on with other things in their lives.

Regarding this particular complaint, the Paint Zoom sprayer uses a motor so it will obviously make some noise and will generate heat just like any other similar electrical device.

So, I did some further research to find out what other people thought about the noise level and the fact that the unit heats up. And here are a couple of quotes from other users who did not think the noise and heat were big issues.

..Yes it was loud, but equal to a vacuum or carpet cleaner. Yep, it got hot too, but not unbearably.

Yvette, Amazon.com

And here was another seemingly-happy user…

…its quieter than my new Dyson vacuum…

Neil, Amazon.com

A lot of other Paint Zoom sprayer complaints were due to claims that the hose came off frequently, requiring reattachment. This would happen if the hose had not been attached to the motor properly per the instruction manual, as confirmed by the user below:

…Air Hose blew out at attachment points a few times before I realized I had to screw the hose in COUNTER CLOCKWISE until very snug….

ronNteri, homedepot.com

Well, that’s about all the negative comments about Paint Zoom that I could find that seemed worth commenting on. I hope the information here gives you a chance to make up your own mind about this paint sprayer.

How To Buy Paint Zoompaint zoom equipment

You’ve now read about some of the Paint Zoom complaints and you might now be convinced to give this paint spraying machine a fair trial for yourself to see what it can do for you. Remember that they give you 30 days to try it out and judge for yourself.

I recommend you buy it from the official website only because there is currently a special offer and money-back guarantee available directly from them.

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