What Are The Most Common Paint Zoom Complaints?


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I’m assuming you’ve come to this page because you’re looking to find out what are the most common Paint Zoom complaints or even if there are any Paint Zoom problems, right? You might even be wondering does Paint Zoom work? Or even worse, if you are going to find yourself a victim of a Paint Zoom scam?

If that’s the case then you can thank your lucky stars that you found this page because the information you’ll find here will answer your questions.

Paint Zoom Complaints Caused By Misunderstanding

The Paint Zoom infomercial you might have seen can give you the impression that it is a paint spraying machine that will instantly paint your entire home for you…almost by itself! Let’s be realistic here, it’s not going to do that for you. Unless you hire a professional decorator, you are going to have to put in some effort yourself.

When I searched around the internet for a genuine Paint Zoom review though, that was the most common complaint I came across regarding Paint Zoom.

Because of the hyped-up advertising around the paint sprayer and the many fake reviews out there, people can sometimes expect painting to be easier than it is. Before painting any area of your house, you are going to have to put in some time and effort in preparing the area you are going to paint.

You are going to have to cover up furniture, light switches, skirting boards or indeed any part of the room you don’t want covered in paint.

If you are using Paint Zoom this preparation is even more important because the paint sprayer machine is so quick and powerful that you can end up accidentally spray painting your sofa in seconds if you are not careful.

it is like any spray system you must spend time masking out all the areas which you don’t want to paint, e.g glass on windows, carpets, wooden and or tiled floors, all sprayers will leave a mist or “over spray” so the only way to get nice clear sharp edges is to use masking tape and lots of paper.

If you’re going to spray the outside of your house with a sprayer then don’t forget to cover parked cars on the drive with a few sheets as wind will carry paint particles and you will end up paying to get someones car valetted when they notice little speckles in the bodywork!

Norris Green, Yahoo Answers

Many people who have Paint Zoom complaints don’t recognize this simple fact about preparation. Paint Zoom will make your painting quicker and easier but you still need to prepare the area to paint.

But guess what? Even if you were painting with a roller or brush, you would still have to do the same preparation if you were doing it properly. So it doesn’t seem that there are major problems with Paint Zoom, it’s just that there are always going to be problems with painting.

Any More Paint Zoom Complaints?

The other major cause of Paint Zoom complaints that I found was regarding the size of the paint canister that the paint spraying machine holds. Some people felt it was too small to hold enough paint. But I also found people who had a simple solution to this issue:

yes the smaller canister is not the best, however…I was able to add a feed tube to a larger can and viola! no more refills.

Steve, gardenweb.com

How to buy Paint Zoom

You’ve now read about some of the Paint Zoom complaints and you might now be convinced to give this paint spraying machine a fair trial to see what it can do for you.

I recommend you buy it from the official website only because there is currently a special offer and money-back guarantee available directly from them.

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