Will An Indoor Paint Sprayer Help You Decorate A Room More Quickly?

Woman with paint spaying deviceYou’re interested in learning how to paint your home quickly, aren’t you? The truth is we all are. We would rather be in the finished room as soon as possible than in messy painting overalls.

In this article we are going to look at some of the ways to paint your home quickly and, in particular, were going to examine the value of using a paint sprayer around your house. And at the end of this article is a link to information about what is often regarded as the best home paint sprayer.

Many people, when there are thinking about painting their home will usually, first of all, be filled with a certain amount of dread as to how much effort is involved. What these people fail to realize is that painting your house doesn’t need to be a painful activity to be feared. It can indeed be enjoyable and straightforward. You may even learn to enjoy it.

Painting A Room – The Basics

Let’s firstly go over some basic tips regarding how to paint your home and, more specifically, a room in your house.

First off, choose your paint. Given the enormous number of paints that are available to buy these days, it is hardly surprising that people are confused. Let’s cut to the chase. There are basically two types of paint, latex paint and alkyd paint.

The basic difference is that alkyd paints are thinned by solvents whereas latex paints are water-based.

After you have chosen the kind of paint that you want, you now have to choose whether you want the finish to be gloss, semi-gloss, satin, or flat.

Now after deciding the kind of paint, you have to choose what color you want the paint to be. Look at your room and give some thought to what kind of colors would best bring out the furniture in the room and complement other highlights within the room.

How To Paint Like A Pro

Now it’s time to paint. You can apply paint in various different ways. For large areas most people prefer to use rollers and sprays. For the areas that are not so big, many people simply use a brush. Also, a trim guide is recommended if painting trains.

Before applying the paint just keep in mind that you need to mix it thoroughly first as when paint is not moved, it tends to separate into distinct layers within the container. Mixing the paint beforehand ensures that the consistency remains even.

When painting an entire room, a basic principle is to be sure to paint the ceiling first. If you decide to use a roller and your roller has a short handle, you may well need to stand on a ladder, preferably a stepladder. In other cases of using a roller, be sure that the rollers handle is easily long enough to reach the entire ceiling. The style of actual painting is that you should work from the edge of the ceiling towards the center of the room.

Ceiling First, Walls Second

If you are using an interior paint sprayer in this situation, ensure you are wearing something protective like a hat or goggles. Also make sure that you cover anything that you do not want to be sprayed with paint.

After the ceiling is finished, you now want to begin to tackle the walls. The tricky part is when there is a trim between the ceiling and the wall. In this case make sure you paint the trim first before you begin to paint the wall.

When painting with a roller, keep moving the roller in one direction as much is possible to make sure the finish remains smooth.

It’s Faster With A Paint Sprayer

And obviously if you want to finish your painting quickly, use an indoor paint sprayer instead.

The disadvantage of using a spray painting indoors in this situation is that the spray may be difficult to control. With practice it will become easier.

Now that you’ve completed the walls and the ceiling, now is the time to paint the doors and windows. For doors that are completely flat, you can happily use a roller if you want. For doors that have panels, be sure to paint the panels first, beginning with the horizontals and then the verticals.

I hope you can see that painting the inside of your house is not actually a difficult task. You just have to be sure you have all the necessary tools to get the job done well. You also have to take precautions to protect yourself and any furniture and fittings already in the room.

So I urge you not to be put off by the idea of repainting the walls in your rooms by yourself instead of hiring an expensive professional. Just have a go and see how much money you save and how much better you feel about your room afterwards. It will also give you confidence to tackle other DIY projects in future.

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Home Paint Sprayers – The Good & The Bad

We’ve now covered some of the basics of painting the inside of your home and we’ve briefly mentioned the use of paint sprayers. Now let’s look in more detail at what paint sprayer can do for you and what are the bad and good things about them.

There tends to come a time with interior decorating when people get sick of simply using paint rollers and brushes. This is the time at which a paint sprayer can seem like a great alternative option.

Instead of tiring yourself out and leaving your body with aches and pains from using brushes and rollers, and still not achieving the great finish you are looking for, spray paint indoors can help you get the job done right without mess and without fuss. You can get a nice even coat of paint almost effortlessly.

While brushes are certainly a great option to use when painting small intricate areas, almost nothing can beat paint sprayer for dealing with large areas with minimum effort. There is also the added advantage that imperfections in the surfaces of what you are painting, like cracks and bumps, prove to be no trouble at all for a sprayer, whereas for a brush or a roller, you may have a hard time.

Save Time & Money

A sprayer will also give you a much more even coat than you would otherwise get. Yes, you do get problems with paint overlapping but this is usually much less than with using a roller.

The sprayer also helps to save you money, not least because you are saving on labor, but it also uses your paint more efficiently. You simply get more control over the entire process of painting.

If you want to add a touch of uniqueness to what you can do with your paint sprayer, you can even mix up your own custom paint that will be completely different to anything anyone else has got. It’s a way of letting your own personality shine through in the room you are painting. You are really only limited by your own imagination.

Avoid The Sprayer ‘Trap’

One of the traps that people fall into when they first start spray-painting, is that they think they can use it for absolutely everything in their home. To be honest with you, this is simply not true. You have to be realistic.

Paint sprayers really have huge advantages when painting smooth surfaces where other choices like brushes and rollers may leave unsightly marks. This means that, as well as indoors, paint sprayers can do wonderful things around the external parts of your home.

The difficulty is, however, to do with the preparation time involved in getting ready to use the paint sprayer. Everything that you do not want to get covered in paint, has to be covered with masking tape or some covering cloth.

You need to make sure that everything in the room that you are painting will not be damaged by the paint you’re spraying. This means floors, windows, furniture and other fittings within the room. If you take shortcuts with this preparation work, you’ll pay the price.

Smaller Jobs Can Be More Difficult

This means that paint sprayers are at a significant disadvantage when it comes to doing small paint jobs. You may actually end up spending far more time preparing the area to be painted than actually painting.

And don’t forget the amount of time it can take to clean up your sprayer afterwards.paint zoom equipment

So in these situations, I would really recommend you leave your home paint sprayer in the box and just resort to a simple brush or, if you really need to, a roller.

Want To Learn More?

You’ve now learned some of the basics of painting the interior of your home. And you’ve learned how paint sprayer can help, and sometimes not help, with this task.

If your appetite is now whetted for more information about paint sprayers, including the best paint sprayer for home use, go to the link below for more information.


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