HVLP Spray Gun: How Does It Compare to Other Spray Guns?

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There are many different kinds of spray guns out there and one of them is the HVLP paint gun. HVLP stands for High Volume Low Pressure. In this article, we will give you an overview of this type of spray gun and also go through some of the benefits and key things to bear in mind when using an HVLP gun.

One of the biggest advantage of using this type of spray gun is the fact that it causes less overspray compared to other paint sprayers. Therefore, the painting process is more efficient. With this type of paint sprayer, two thirds of the paint will be utilized and one third goes into the air.

Other paint sprayers tend to spray about one third of paint onto the object and two thirds goes into the air. Therefore, with HVLP paint guns, you are guaranteed that more paint will reach the target area.

Save Money By Buying Less Paint

This is especially good news if you are involved in a lot of spray finishing. Using an HVLP paint sprayer will use considerably less paint and therefore will save you quite a lot of money in this case.

This type of paint sprayer is operated by trigger and takes in paint and mixes it with high pressured air. In order to get the paint to spray in a smooth pattern, the paint particles are atomized and are parsed through a cone shaped gun tip. If you have mastered the art of paint spraying, then you can achieve very high quality finish with this method of painting.

Due to the fact that you can achieve very high quality finish with an HVLP paint sprayer, they are usually used in the automotive industry. You can also use your air compressor’s strong air output to operate a paint sprayer.

Consider How Much Air Your Sprayer Requires

Some spray guns have a top mounted cup attached to the nozzle but most paint sprayers have a quart cup below the nozzle. The paint sprayers that have the top mounted cup are usually called gravity feed paint sprayers.

With an HVLP spray gun, you can use different nozzles on the guns to produce different patterns and finishes for example paint and varnishes, stains and lacquer although thick latex paints are not recommended.

It is important to find out from the manufacturer the exact specification on how much air is required for your chosen HVLP sprayer to function because they usually require high volume of air for continuous spraying.

Wear Protective Gear

You will also need to wear the correct gear such as breathing and eye protection and paint coveralls when using paint sprayers because they cause overspray. Breathing protection is especially important because with the amount of paint sprayed in such a fine mist you will end up inhaling the small particles of paint that are hanging in the air if you are not wearing a respirator mask.

The other harmful chemicals you can end up inhaling are solvents and isocyanates. With an HVLP spray gun, the paint chemicals are released in a downward manner. This is safer as the paint particles are lower in the air and therefore is less harmful to people.

Proper masking and coverage of other objects around is also key to protect them from accidental paint. This is because a spray gun is not that precise. They are good for a professional finish but because they lack precision, paint can go everywhere else.

Buy Your Spray Gun Online

If you are thinking of buying a paint sprayer, then the best place is to look online. This is because you are going to get a wide range of different paint sprayers to choose from.

The other reason why buying paint sprayers online is beneficial is because of customer reviews and ratings that most shopping sites now have. These reviews and ratings will give you an idea of the quality that other people have achieved with the various paint sprayers.

You will also get an idea of the value for money. Therefore, make sure you check various online stores and also comparison websites. The comparison websites will just do the job for you by comparing the price of a particular paint sprayer you are interested in from various online stores and give you the cheapest option of where to buy it from.

It is also safer to buy from reputed websites to protect your card information. It is also important to bear in mind that if you buy from websites that link to the official brand website such as Paintzoom or Graco, then you get moneyback guarantees on the paint sprayers.

Practice Painting With A Test Object First

As a precaution, after you have bought any paint sprayer, you should practice a little with a test object first. You do not really want to make your initial mistakes on the actual object you are trying to paint because then you will end up with a lot more work than originally planned.

After reading this article, you should have a good idea of how an HVLP paint sprayer compares to the other paint sprayers available on the market. We have also given some tips on how to choose, buy and use a paint sprayer.




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