Portable Paint Sprayers: How Do They Work? How Do You Use Them?

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Look around you right now. You will see so many things that have been painted and stained. Since the beginning of time, paints and stains have been used to enhance the beauty and finish of physical objects.

While, in olden days, these paints and stains were applied by hand in a laborious time-consuming fashion, nowadays, the majority of of decorated physical objects you see around you got that way through the use of paint spraying equipment, more specifically paint air guns.

What Are Air Guns?

In this article, we will first look in detail at what makes up these portable paint airguns. Then we will look into how to learn to use them effectively as hand-held paint sprayers.

An air gun is basically a hand-held paint sprayer. These portable paint sprayers are the most popular and commonly used kind of paint spraying equipment. Both professionals and amateurs use hand-held paint sprayers in order to achieve a smooth, even coating of paint that enhances the look and finish of the final object.

Large manufacturers in factories also use these paint spraying air guns to achieve clean and smooth finishes. Quite often these air guns are automatically guided by computers to achieve consistency in the finished product. This kind of automation also speeds up the assembly line process for these items while giving excellent results every time.

How Does A Paint Sprayer Work?

A portable paint sprayer usually consists of three elements. There is a compressor, a basin and a nozzle. It is the nozzle on the paint sprayer that is perhaps the most important part of the equipment because it plays a vital role in the process of applying the paint itself.

The key to the physical object being painted in a consistent and pleasing pattern is directly due to the effect of the nozzle. Generally, there are a variety of sizes and shapes that nozzles come in that help achieve the final effect. There are three mainly-used kinds of nozzles on air guns. These nozzle types are flat stream, hollow cone, and full cone.

Now let’s take a look at what the basin is, on a portable paint sprayer. The basin is basically a container where the paint is stored in order to be used. When the trigger on the paint air gun is pushed, the paint is forced out through the nozzle from the basin.

This happens because the basin is airtight and becomes pressurized as air from a compressor is applied to it. There are different sizes of basins. Obviously, small basins are ideal for small jobs and large basins cover greater areas. The size of the basin attached to the paint sprayer will depend on the type of air gun being used.

What Do Air Compressors Do?

Now for the air compressors; as was mentioned above, the air compressor part of paint sprayer is used to pressurize the basin. And, also as described, paint is forced out of the nozzle as a result of this. Like with basins, there can be different sizes of compressors.

Some compressors are so large that they need to be mounted on carts in order to make them portable. Others, used in small airguns like those used with airbrushes, simply use small cans of compressed air. Again, the most appropriate size of air compressor will depend on the size of the final task you are trying to achieve.

Now that we’ve understood a little bit about the mechanical make-ups of these airguns, it would be good for us to learn a bit about how to use them effectively.

Try To Practice With Your Paint Sprayer First

If all you have had to do up to now is paint with bristled brushes, then you will have to invest a little time in learning to use a paint sprayer properly. Many affordable paint sprayers like Paint Zoom come with detailed instructions that teach you how to operate them correctly.

Because you don’t want to make a mess of the object you are painting, many experienced painting professionals advise that you spend some time practicing with your sprayer first before committing to the final job.

This is good common sense advice because you bought the sprayer to do a good job, didn’t you? And you can only do a good job when you’ve learned to use the sprayer properly. Once you feel confident and comfortable in using the sprayer to achieve an excellent finish, you are then ready to tackle whatever job you want. You will know when you’re ready because you will be able to apply paint from the sprayer in an smooth, even layer.

Yes, it may take several attempts to master using a paint sprayer properly. But the final result of having a professional-looking paint job will be worth it. You will also save enormously on cost by avoiding having to employ the services of a painting professional.

Look Online For More Help

Another way of learning to achieve great finishes with a portable paint sprayer is to simply look online for free information and tutorials on how to use them effectively. There are so many uses you can put an airgun to and there are countless blogs about home improvement where tips and tricks are shared.

In this article, we’ve looked in detail into what paint sprayers are made up of, and then how to learn to use them effectively. I hope you found this information useful. Now go ahead and get painting!



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