Where Should I Buy Graco Magnum X5 From?

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Graco is a major player in the airless paint spraying industry so it’s hardly surprising that the Graco Magnum X5 Airless Paint Sprayer is popular and well-regarded among those who use these devices.

The Magnum X5 is a quality paint sprayer. It’s more expensive than many but that cost is offset by a better quality of construction, mostly metal parts instead of plastic ones.

Because it is an airless sprayer, it uses a hose method to push the paint through the nozzle instead of launching it on a burst of compressed air. By doing it this way, overspray is prevented and the flow of spray is more efficiently controlled.

Save On Cost In The Long Term

The Graco sprayer is compact and light (weighing only 15 pounds) and so it’s easy to carry both inside and outside your home with a built-in carrying handle. This means you will find it as equally useful for painting a room inside your home as for painting an outdoor fence or deck. The compact nature of it also makes it a sprayer that you could easily transport in the boot of your car.

As anyone who has hired painters will know, the costs of getting professionals to do your paint jobs can easily mount up into thousands so having access to a versatile and portable sprayer can prove to be a monumental cost-saving over the long term.

An instructional DVD is included that demonstrates exactly how to set up, clean and handle problems with the sprayer. Watching this DVD with the sprayer next to you will probably get you up and running with it really quickly.

Graco Magnum X5 Specifications

The DuraFlex airless hose length included with the sprayer is a reasonable 25 feet, 5 feet longer than many competitors, and this should be enough to handle most day-to-day painting jobs. But, for those hard-to-reach places, you can extend it to 75 feet by buying an additional optional hose.

An interesting feature of the sprayer is that it has an on-demand motor. This means the motor only operates as you squeeze the paint gun trigger. The result of this is that the motor life automatically extends.

As far as paint capacity is concerned, you can spray from one to five gallon paint containers. And the Graco package also includes an SG10 spray gun with a 515 Reverse-A-Clean RAC IV tip. The motor power is 0.5 horsepower and it can run off standard 15 amp breakers.

Alternatively, it can be used with a 1500 watt or larger sized generator. It also has a user-friendly adjustable pressure knob together with a hardened stainless steel piston pump.

Is It Easy To Store?

Something to consider with any airless paint sprayer is how to store it. Storing a sprayer properly can have a dramatic effect on the lifespan of the device. There are many different methods for storing sprayers and with the Graco Magnum X5 a storage fluid is used. In this case, it is Graco Pump Armor fluid.

After power-flushing the sprayer using the garden hose attachment, you should circulate the fluid through the sprayer system after you’ve cleaned it in order to store it properly.

One disadvantage with this approach is that the costs of storage fluid can mount up if used frequently but this is still the most common method for storing airless paint sprayers.

Verdict On Graco Magnum X5

Overall, the Magnum X5 should prove valuable for small to medium paint projects for a typical homeowner. But given that fact that it can spray five gallons of paint in less than one hour at 2800 psi, it can probably also tackle larger home-based projects such as decks and exterior walls.gracox5pic

Given the versatility of the sprayer, painting contractors would also find value in being able to use the machine for occasional small-to-medium jobs.

A word of advice, if you are looking to do detail work with this sprayer, you are going to have to practice for a while to get the best out of it since the machine is not really geared up for it.

In that case, you might be better off buying a detail-use sprayer like the Wagner 0515034 Procoat Stand Airless Paint Sprayer instead.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Graco Magnum X5?

You might be wondering where you will find the Graco Magnum X5 paint sprayer for sale. You can buy it in stores like home depot and lowes. However, we recommend that you buy the Graco Magnum X5 from Amazon. You can order from Amazon from anywhere in the world, whether you are in the UK, US, Canada or Australia.

If you order from Amazon, they will help you in the event that you need to claim on the warranty. The warranty is for one year and is against manufacturer defect. If you buy this paint sprayer in store instead, then you are on your own and if you need to claim on the warranty, then you need to figure out by yourself how to get in touch with the manufacturers and start the claim process.

In terms of prices, there is no difference between Amazon and local stores. However, the other bonus of ordering through Amazon is that you get free shipping directly to your door without you having to drive to the nearest lowes or home depot or pay to get it delivered to your house from those stores.

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