Everything You Need To Know About Decorating A New Nursery

It’s great when your children are too young to make demands about how their nursery should be designed. Because that allows you to take control, be a little bit self-indulgent, and plan your child’s space in exactly the way that you want. It gives you the chance to let your inner interior designer shine.

Do You Know The Sex Of The Baby?

The first thing to bear in mind when you are decorating a new nursery is the sex of your child. Your job becomes a bit easier if you already know if you are having a boy or girl. If you decided not to find out the gender of your child, then you will probably have to go for a neutral color that will work for either sex. Yes, this is obvious but it is surprising how often people are completely convinced that they are having a boy (or girl) and then end up with the nursery of an inappropriate color.

However, it’s probably not that bad even in those cases, because the trend these days is towards more neutral pastel colors in the nursery anyway. Gentle yellow creams and greens have become popular these days. These kinds of soft colors work for anyone. Once you have decided on a particular color, you can speed up the process of painting the room by using an electric paint sprayer like those we have reviewed on this website.

​What Types Of Furniture Should You Consider?

One of the important things to also consider for your nursery is furniture. You could go for the cheapest furniture you can buy. But there are significant advantages to spending a little bit more. Often, you can get flexible furniture that morphs as your child grows. For example, a cot can be upgraded to a small bed. The costs are greater for this kind of furniture but, over time, they will often justify themselves with the extra flexibility and quality.

Your life will be made much easier if you invest in a changing table for your child. There are many different kinds of models available. Some can easily accommodate a changing mat and any accompanying accessories that you may need such as baby wipes and spare nappies. Other makes can include wastebaskets that hang by the side and help keep your changing table clean and tidy.

Is Second-Hand Furniture An Option?​

If you decide to buy used furniture, then one of the primary considerations you need to keep in mind is that of cleanliness. Baby furniture that has been used before may seem like a bargain, but especially with a young child, germs can wreak havoc on your young one's health if the furniture you bought is in poor condition.

Another thing to consider for the nursery is a comfortable chair. It is quite likely that you are going to spend hours in the nursery over time either feeding your child, watching them sleep or caressing them. So comfort is a major factor for a chair that you keep in the nursery. An old comfortable armchair can be perfect for this room. Just cover it with a pretty throw, and it will do the job wonderfully well.

What Kind Of Soft Furnishings Should You Get?​

After you've reached the stage that you have all the furniture that you want for the room, you can turn your attention to all the soft furnishings like sheets, blankets, and so on. Here you can let your imagination run wild because the possibilities are endless.

It would be a good idea to get cotton sheets that are also easily washable. These kinds of sheets and not too expensive and should be relatively easy to find.

The next thing to decide is whether you want to use a traditional blanket or duvet for the cot. When it comes to controlling the temperature of your child, you may find that blankets offer more flexibility. It is quite easy to remove or add blankets as you need to keep the temperature at the level you want. They also have the added advantage that you can wrap your baby in them while feeding.

Natural materials are always preferred for your baby's bedding because they will be easier on the delicate skin of your child. There will also be little chance that the baby will suffer any allergic or skin reactions unlike with more synthetic fabrics.

You may have decided to have an overall theme for your nursery room. For example, if you had a boy you might choose to have things that relate to sailing on the sea. By buying materials and furnishings that fit that theme, you can coordinate your room in a lovely way to produce a pleasing overall effect.

Give Careful Consideration To Lighting

When decorating your nursery, don’t underestimate or forget the value of good lighting. Lighting can transform the room. It can change the mood in many different ways. A small lamp will enable you to create a nice gentle and cozy atmosphere and will save you having to use a bright central light that may produce a harsh effect.

Soft ambient lighting can also help while feeding your baby during the night. There are many specialist lights available for use in the nurseries. Very often, children will spend time staring at the lights within the room so try to find one that will be pleasing to them but, at the same time, not be too harsh on the eyes.

Lights are available in many different forms so, if you have a particular theme running through your nursery, it should be relatively easy to find what you are looking for. Just be sure that what you buy is fairly robust and place it somewhere safe where it will not fall and injure your child.

As with all electrical items in the nursery, be careful to make sure that the lights are wired up correctly. Don’t take chances. If you are not sure what you are doing, get a qualified electrician to help out. Remember that your child may be in the nursery, sometimes unattended, for long periods of time. So play it safe.

Use Your Imagination​

By now you've probably kitted out your nursery pretty well. You have a theme running through it, some good solid furniture, and lighting that will suit both your child and the room they are in. No doubt, over time, you will accumulate other things that will end up in your child’s nursery. Those items could be presents and gifts or just other things you have decided to buy. No doubt you will also end up with pictures on the walls of your nursery, and these will add to the warmth and character of the place. You can also buy pictures on stretched canvas (to avoid dangerous glass frames) to add further to the atmosphere of the room.

There are so many inventive and creative ways you can design your nursery. You are only limited by your imagination. In this article, we've given you some ideas on what you can do with the special room for your child. Now it’s all up to you to get going and design a room that will please both you and your child for years to come.

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