Electric Paint Sprayers: Do They Really Save Time and Money?

Woman with paint sprayerAre you interested in electric paint sprayers? This article is going to discuss paint sprayers in some great detail and leave you well informed as to what purposes you should use them for and the advantages of using them.

Firstly we will look at whether you should use a paint sprayer at all and then we will look into how to get great results from your paint sprayer.

How Electric Paint Sprayers Work

First of all, let’s take a look at how electric paint spray guns work. These devices take a container and basically just push the paint out of it using the force of air. As the paint comes out it sprays into a fine mist.

When the mist is applied evenly, the paint appears on the surface in a smooth, unblemished fashion.

Contrast this with how paint is applied with a roller and you will see that the roller leaves areas on the wall where there is more paint and there is less paint. A roller may even leave drips behind.

Now if you contrast this instead with using a brush, you will find a brush often leaves lines on the wall because of the bristles in the brush. You will find that you have streaks on your wall. Unfortunately, this is simply unavoidable with a brush. However, with a paint sprayer, you are not touching the wall in any way and so you will not leave any kind of mark on the wall from applying the paint.

Helpful Tips

Let me now give you some tips for using your paint sprayer because it is a valuable device only when used in the correct way. Hopefully these tips will help you use it in the right way.

The first useful tip is that you should perhaps rent a paint sprayer from your local hire shop before buying one outright. This will enable you to play around with the sprayer and see whether it will fit your needs before you make a large investment. Most rental shops offer paint sprayers for very reasonable sums.

The next tip is to only use the kind of paint that the manufacturer recommends to be used within the paint sprayer. You will need to read the user guide carefully to establish exactly what kind of paint should be used. The reason this is important is that some paints may end up being too heavy for your sprayer. In that case, you will find that the nozzles on your sprayer will clog up.51-GYwe7rnL

When you finally start using the electric paint gun, don’t just launch into using it on a wall. Give it a test run on a surface that doesn’t matter first. You will probably find that you need a bit of time and practice in starting to get a feel for how the device works. The best way to use the sprayer is often just to move your hands in a fluid motion, back and forth.

Having said all of the above as regards using the paint sprayer, you will probably be surprised to realize that the most important tip of all is how to clean it properly. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully on how to disassemble your sprayer in order to give it the best clean possible. The reason for this is that even leaving a small amount of paint on the sprayer can render it useless when you come round to using it the next time.

If after playing around with a paint sprayer for a while, you have decided you now want one for yourself, now would then be an excellent time to investigate several makes and models and find the one that is ideal for you.  You might like to take a look at some reviews of the Paint Zoom paint sprayer.

Advantages of Electric Paint Spraying

I have now given you some general advice on whether you should use a paint sprayer and how to use it. Now let us move on to discuss some of the other added advantages using one.

Most people prefer to do up their homes by themselves rather than paying someone else to do the job for them. Even though doing the job requires a lot more time and effort, it is a lot more affordable to do these general home-improvement and paint jobs themselves. The savings that people make from doing these types of jobs around the house can be applied in many more useful ways such as buying a piece of furniture for example or upgrading other parts of the house.Man holding paint sprayer

The other great advantage of regularly maintaining, painting and remodelling around the house is the fact that this significantly reduces the amount of mold that builds up inside the house. This in turn means that the house will hold a good market value in the event that the owner wants to sell it one day.

The conventional way of painting interior furniture, lawn furniture, cabinets, walls and exteriors using a brush is very time-consuming and can take several hours or even days to complete. This is not the only drawback because when using a brush to paint with, this tends to leave brush strokes marks which is generally not the end result that the painter had in mind.

A Sprayer For Every Need

The popularity of electric spray guns has grown drastically due to the fact that it takes considerably less time to paint with than with a brush or a roller. To add to this, electric paint sprayers are available in a variety of price ranges and sizes to suit everyone’s needs and can also be used whether it is a small job or a big job.

On top of taking a fraction of the time, when used properly, electric sprayers achieve a smooth, high quality finish with no brush marks that the painter can be proud of. The way an electric paint sprayer works is the paint is pushed through a handgun using air and the result of that is an even distribution of the paint on the entire painting surface maintaining the same color tone throughout.Man using paint spraying device

Investing in an electric or battery-powered paint sprayer is a good idea for any paint job, whether it is your wall, furniture, or a cabinet, as it will achieve a smooth, polished finish in just minutes as opposed to the hours that it can take with a brush or roller. Furthermore, these sprayers can be quickly stored in the garage ready for use next time, as they are very portable. Using paint sprayers also avoids brush marks or roller marks which are very common painting nightmares when using brushes or rollers. A variety of paint sprayers are available to purchase from online authorized dealers to help you get that painting job completed to a high standard.

We have discussed above in detail how paint sprayers work, the advantages of using them and what purposes you should use them for. Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of whether you want to now go and invest in one for the painting job you need done.

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