Tips For Decorating Your Kid’s Bedroom

decorating kids room

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It can be quite a challenge to decorate your kid’s room in the best way possible so that it suits you as well as your kid. This article will reveal some top tips that will make your life easier.


Painting a ceiling is a relatively easy way to change the look of any room. You may prefer conventional white paint to match or coordinate with all the other walls. Get creative because it’s really not that hard should you make a mistake because you can paint over it again.

You may want to try hand painting wispy clouds on a sky blue ceiling. Or for more drama, think about stenciling gold stars along with a moon on a midnight blue background. You’ll find lots of wallpaper alternatives to give an alternative appearance and texture to the ceiling if painting is not your thing.

Additionally attaching fabric, straw matting as well as lattice to your ceiling will add an individual touch along with interest. Acoustic tile is something that you may want to consider, particularly when sound is a problem.

Boards as well as wood floors add a particular charm and warmth to a room. Adding beams or moldings (either real or faux) might give just the right touch. In the event you’re used to DIY, you may want to do it yourself or you could always employ a professional. It depends upon your budget, time and experience.


Walls are likely to be the largest surface of a kid’s bedroom. Paint, wallpaper and paneling are probably the most common options, without really breaking the bank, and also the easiest way to adapt for the child’s age, needs and interests.

It is wise to keep in mind ease of cleaning and durability when making your decision. For instance, if you like wallpaper, vinyl would be a great option because it is washable. Additionally, patterned wallpaper is a great disguise for less than perfect walls. It comes in an array of colors and designs.

Wood or paneling board walls are another option that is both versatile and durable for a kid ‘s bedroom. The prices vary greatly in this area, but it will last practically forever.

Painting the walls, most likely the least expensive way to decorate a kid’s bedroom is, in addition, the most versatile. Color, kind of use and special effects are restricted only by your imagination. Once again, in the event you make a mistake, just paint it over.


Normally flooring is a hard surface like wood, tile or linoleum, while a floor covering would be a material such as an area rug or wall to wall carpeting. Just about any kind of flooring or floor covering is appropriate for a bedroom.

Naturally, comfort in addition to ease of cleaning and durability are important factors when selecting a floor for a kid’s bedroom. For practicality, many individuals select one of the tough surfaces readily available for simplicity and then soften the appearance with an area rug or scatter rugs.


Shades, blinds, shutters and curtains either used in combination or individually, are a number of typically the most popular choices for window dressings. All are obtainable in an extensive range of styles and colors as well as stuff.

It is essential that before you buy shades or blinds that you have measurements that are precise. This kind of mistake can be quite pricey, so follow directions or have an expert take the measurements.

Additionally, keep in mind safety factors like keeping cords out of reach of little children. Other options for treating windows in a child’s room will be the utilization of frosted or stained glass. Should you not want to cover the window, painting or staining the molding around it to match or contrast with the walls will give the window an entirely new appearance.


When selecting light for a kid’s bedroom, consider security first and then consider decorating for pleasure. Lamps can be found in several colors, designs as well as themes. For little children, there are many unbreakable types. Obviously, keep wires out of sight and reach if possible.

Nevertheless, never lay a carpet above a wire because this is actually a fire hazard. Appropriate lighting that is too dull in order to prevent glare is important for computer or assignments areas. Some have programmable processors that dim the bulb after a period of time.

Be cautious of halogen bulbs which may become hot and make sure a guard surrounds them. Use only light bulbs that are advocated by the maker of the fixture. It is additionally a good idea to supply a nightlight with a sensor that is built-in, and also a wall mounted torch for emergencies.


The age of the little one is probably the main concern here. For an infant, some parents start out with cradle or a bassinet, though others might want to employ a crib. Whether purchased new, used, handcrafted, or handed down, security is the primary concern.

For an older child’s bedroom you might want to include a night stand, a reasonable size table and chairs (for those very significant tea parties or crafts), and more storage for the ever increasing supply of playthings.

Teenagers would appreciate a desk for assignments, an entertainment center, a dressing table or a vanity table with a mirror. The choice of these items depends upon things that you just may have, the size of the space, you and your kid’s taste, and of course your budget.



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