Best Paint Sprayers: Everything You Need To Know

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For most of us, our house is probably our most prized possession. So we go to great lengths to maintain it and update it from time to time so that we have a great place to live in. Regular maintenance also helps with the the house prices when it is time to sell your house.

It can be difficult to decide whether you should paint your own house and its interior or whether you should employ a professional contractor to do it for you. You might think that you will be saving a lot of money if you do it yourself but there are a lot of other factors to consider before going ahead with doing a painting job yourself.

In this article we will discuss what these factors are and we will also give you an overview of the paint sprayers available so you can decide the best paint sprayers to suit your needs if you decide to do the job yourself.

Have You Got The Time?

If you have a full-time job, and have a family, then you are probably very busy and it can be hard for you to find time to do a painting job. If you consider professional contractors, this is their job and therefore time is not an issue for them. Also, because painting is their day job, they would instantly be able to give you an estimate of how long it will take to do your paint job.

If you are going to do the paint job yourself, you are going to have to do in your free time so that means in the evenings or on the weekends. This means that the time you would have spent with your family on the weekend and evenings, you are now spending painting.

For a professional contractor, they will probably perform this job during the week when you are at work and therefore they are not sacrificing their weekends or yours.

It can also be inconvenient when the weather conditions are not favorable. A contractor will easily reschedule the painting job. It might be more difficult for you to switch your weekends around to fit in a painting job.

Have You Got The Knowledge Required?

You should not assume that a painting job, however small it might be, is straightforward. You will need tools such as ladders, paint sprayers, tapes and other equipment. A painting contractor will already have these tools at his disposal to finish the job within the timescale given. They have also been doing it for a while and therefore the chance of them making mistakes is reduced, perhaps remote.

If you decide to do a paint job yourself you will have to invest in the appropriate tools required as mentioned above, such as ladders, if you are planning to reach the second floor of your house for example.

While this will be a good investment if you do a good job of painting your house, can you imagine what a waste of time and money it will be if you do not end up with a good-looking house at the end. You are unlikely to be taking that risk with a reasonable painting contractor even though you might be spending a little bit more money.

If you have decided after considering the above points that you are still going to paint your own house, then investing in the best paint sprayers for the job is important.

These are the main types of paint sprayers available:

LVLP Paint Sprayers

LVLP stands for Low Volume Low Pressure. This kind of paint sprayer therefore uses low volume of air to spray the paint. It also uses low pressure to spray out the thin paint coating. Because it uses low volume of paint, it usually comes with a smaller compressor compared to other paint sprayers and therefore is most suitable for smaller projects in general.

HVLP Paint Sprayers

HVLP stands for High Volume Low Pressure. Just like the LVLP spray gun, it uses a compressor but the difference is it will use a higher volume of air to spray the paint. This type of paint sprayer is mostly used in cosmetic industry and the automotive industry.

Airless Paint Sprayers

This type of paint sprayer uses a high pressure pump to spray the paint and can be used with different gun tip sizes to achieve the required thickness and pattern.

The benefits of airless paint sprayers is the fact that it can reach places that are hard to reach with other paint sprayers such as crevices and pits. The paint is also quite thick which means that you will not need to apply a second layer of paint. This type of paint sprayer is mostly used by professional contractors for larger scale paint jobs.

Air-Assisted Paint Sprayers

This type of paint sprayer uses high pressure just like the airless paint sprayer but at just a slightly lower pressure than those. It also uses a smaller gun tip. This type of paint sprayer is best used when you need a high speed of painting and when the surface you are painting is fairly flat. They are mostly used in factory finish shops.

Electrostatic Paint Sprayers

This type of paint sprayer uses an electrically charged particle that is sprayed onto the painting surface. The paint finish is more durable with this type of paint sprayer because the paint tends to stick more to the surface.

It is also more friendly to the environment because less chemicals evaporate in the process. It is mostly used to paint cars, bicycles, elevators and office equipment because it works best on plastic and metal surfaces.

After reading the above article you should now have enough information to decide whether you should do a painting job yourself or employ a contractor to do it for you. You should also have some basic knowledge to be able to decide on the best paint sprayer to suit your needs.



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