Man holding a spray gunYou might have heard about Paint Zoom from a TV infomercial or seen it on a shopping channel and now you are probably searching the internet looking for a genuine Paint Zoom review to find out if it is too good to be true.

There are so many fake Paint Zoom reviews around that it can be hard to make out what information is real and what isn’t. I found the same so I hunted around the internet for people who had done a real one.

The reviews you read here aren’t from paid writers. These reviews are from real users and they should give you an honest idea of what the Paint Zoom paint sprayer is like – good, bad or ugly.

What actually is Paint Zoom?

Paint Zoom  is a paint spraying painting machine that enables you to by-pass the hassles of using rollers, brushes and messy paint trays. According to the manufacturers, it enables painting to be done in minutes instead of hours.

But what about the real users, the ones who give an honest opinion in their Paint Zoom review? What do they think?

What do the genuine Paint Zoom review writers say?

First, the bad news.

I came across a number of professional decorators in forums who cautioned against using paint sprayers because of the preparation time involved in covering up parts of the room that you don’t want sprayed.

It seems that preparing your room for spraying is the most time-consuming part of using Paint Zoom, even though covering up your furniture, light switches etc is nothing to do with Paint Zoom – you’ll likely have to do it anyway if you are taking your decorating seriously.

On the other hand, professional decorators would say that, wouldn’t they? They would rather you hired them than doing it yourself, don’t you think?

Let’s be realistic, you are going to have to do some work yourself otherwise you will have to hire one of those professional decorators…and they charge those huge professional decorator prices!

Look at what this Paint Zoom review writer discovered about what decorators charge…

My neighbor does painting for a living. I asked what the neighbor discount was for him to paint my house. He said $2,300. I was shocked. He told me he calculates the price of the paint doubles it and then adds on for any labor costs he may need to pay someone else to help. By my calculations the Paint Zoom will save me $$$hundreds of dollars and save a friendship in the process!!


It seems Paint Zoom can slash the cost of decorating your home. According to the next reviewer, it’s actually the cheapest way to do professional-style paint spraying:

It’s worth trying out since it has got to be the cheapest way to start doing some spray painting. It’s definitely cheaper than buying a compressor and a pressure or gravity fed paint sprayer. Hell, the only cheaper way to spray paint to this is to use an insect sprayer or paints in cans.


Another seemingly happy customer from an internet discussion forum…

I am happy with paint zoom. It makes painting job faster and better result compared with traditional brush.


And another happy user of Paint Zoom…

I just bought The Paint Zoom. It is the most easiest way to paint. It spreads so evenly. The thing I like the most is, you only have to go over the spot one time. So much easier than doing all of the painting with a brush.


The general opinions I found while reading Paint Zoom review after Paint Zoom review was that, while the Paint Zoom sprayer is not a miracle device, the consensus seems to be that the cost savings you will make compared to hiring a professional decorator will make it pay for itself time and time again.

So how can I buy Paint Zoom?

If you’re now thinking of buying Paint Zoom, I have some good news for you.

While you would normally have to pay out $99.99 in one lump sum to buy it, there is currently a special offer on the official PaintZoom website to split the payments over 3 months for no extra charge. So that means you are only paying $33.33 per month. They are also providing a 30 day Money Back Guarantee so if you decide you don’t like Paint Zoom, just send it back.

Paint Zoom comes with a one year warranty and, just to sweeten the deal even more, there’s a special $25 bonus package called the Perfect Painter Kit which includes 2 drop cloths and a painters tape.

And if you’re still not sure, then the official Paint Zoom website has the option for you to ask live questions through online chat before you buy.

Remember all this is only available through the official Paint Zoom website. If you buy your Paint Zoom through another seller, you might be taking unnecessary risks.

Please note that buying Paint Zoom through the official website is only available to people living in the US or Canada. Apologies to Paint Zoom UK and international buyers but that’s the way the company wants it.

CLICK HERE to buy Paint Zoom with the $25 bonus package and 30 day money-back guarantee from the official website


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